It's Settled! (Character Generator Challenge)

“No, no, no. We are going north, and that’s final!” Lailah said bluntly.

“Look here, girl,” Silverspar, her only true Elven friend said sharply. “I know you’re interested in finding a new adventure, but this is suicide!”

“Much as I hate to agree with an elf,” Grimborn Steelaxe, the Dwarven priest said, “she’s right.”

“I am?” Silverspar asked, surprised. “I mean… Yes. I am!”

“What is the problem?!” Lailah exclaimed. “It’s nothing!”

Her friends stared at her. “It’s what?!” Silverspar yelled.

“Look, it’s worth it. There’s enough gold there to set us up for a year. Two!”

“An’ what about th’ dragon?” Grimborn asked. “I’m thinkin’ he’ll be havin’ a thing’r two to say about it.”

Lailah waved her hand dismissively. “Details. Don’t bore me with details.”

Silverspar rolled her eyes. “Well, since there’s nothing to worry about,” she said, sarcastically.

“Great! It’s settled!” Lailah rode north at top speed.

“Now, ye’ve done it, elf.”

“Like we could have talked her out of it, anyway.” They rode after her.

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