Confessions of an Assassin

Date 15 April 1865

Hideout. Check.
Escape horse. Check.
Gloves. Check.
Gun. Check.

Today’s the day. I’ll make my country proud. I grab my things and sneak out the side door. The last of the crowd scurry in for the show. Little do they know that they’ll be seeing more than the play, My American Cousin.

I walk towards my planned entrance door and leave my horse with the guard outside. I open the door and climb up the stairs, barely able to contain myself.

Today, I will make the confederacy, and all men of my nation proud. I slowly open the door to the balcony and watch for a little while. Let dear old Lincoln enjoy a few more moments.

He laughs, “What a great play, wouldn’t you agree, Mary?”
She smiles at him, “Oh, ye-

Screams. I jump. Searing pain through my leg. I run. I jump on my horse. I gallop away. He will be dead soon. And my country will be proud, proud that they have such gallant men.

Why? Because I’m John Wilkes Booth, my friend.

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