The Awesome Adventures of Lailah Mayfair [Character Generator]

I settled the box on my lap and gingerly shook it. It made a tinkling sound.

“Ooh, I just love presents!” I squealed. It was true. I really did love presents.

Bowen glared at me with his one good eye. A silver patch covered his left eye. He’d lost it years ago in a battle with an ogre. Truth be told, he looked quite handsome with the silver patch, in some ways, even handsomer than before -

Giulia interrupted my reverie with a sharp laugh. “Hah! Lailah, it’s not a present if you steal it.”

“It’s larceny, if you ask me,” Bowen muttered as he leaned against a tree.

I pouted at him, then tore away the last bit of wrapping and proceeded to open the box. I’d lifted it from a troll during a party we’d crashed last night in Rowenia. He didn’t even notice, probably wouldn’t even miss it. But thanks to my “friends,” I was beginning to feel a tell-tale twinge of guilt. I glanced up and found them both staring at me with what could only be called a meaningful look.

I sighed. “Oh, all right, I’ll give it back.”

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