the trip

What she wants is a binary choice. An exclusion of all gray areas. A renunciation of the truth.

Either we love one or we love none. The only way to express new love is to renounce old love. Why should new love be denied? Well, because older love will not share. Will not countenance the new love’s place in the universe.

If I move her cheese, she will not find it. If I completely replace her cheese, so much the worse. Not only is it in a different location, it is the wrong cheese. It is the WRONG cheese. Her expected cheese is no longer.

The trip to India is now a trip to Antarctica. Still fascinating, still full of interest and joy and adventure. Yet, the India trip is the one she made reservations for. Not the Antarctic. Nope.

I wish she’d come with me to Antarctica. Honest. I do. She wishes I’d just stay the course and go to India, even though it feels wrong to me. There are two wills beating at each other through the night. Two wills, one outcome, and no brooking compromise.

I’d compromise.

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