Awesome is Awesome Which is Awesome

Will groaned.
“How do you open this stupid door, Cliff?” Will asked.
“Um… use the key?” Will answered semi-sarcastically.
“Oh come on, if there was a key I would—” Will pulled a silver key from his pocket, “Oh. My bad.”
Cliff smacked his head against the wall multiple times.

“Okay, now that I’m taken care of, let’s open that door.” Cliff said, rubbing his forehead.
Will unlocked the door and walked inside. Inside, there was a wall with ‘AWESOME!!!’ painted in black on it.
“Um, what does that mean?” Cliff asked, confused.
“You know, awesome.” Will said. Cliff was still confused.
“Awesome is awesome which is awesome!” Will shouted!
Cliff looked around for another wall to smack his head on.

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