Silently Screaming Continued

I’m going with them, I’m not going to stay here. As I followed Andrea and Sydney out of the bare walls of my hospital bedroom, I saw mom put her head down onto my chest and I heard her whisper, “Darlene, you can’t die. Not now, you’re the rock in this family, you’re the solid and strong one.”
“Come on Sydney, I’ll fix you some chicken nuggets when we get home.” Andrea said as cheerfully as she could.
“The princess shapes? And will you make them like Darlene does?” Sydney asked looking up at Andrea’s fake smile.
“Yes, the princess shapes.” Andrea replied holding back tears.
I ran out of the hospital and looked at the sunset, my inspiration for my photographs was the pink and orange accidental masterpiece that graced the evening sky. Gazing up at the magnum opus that stood before me, made things better. I ran as fast as my legs could move to get back to the house and when I finally got there, what I saw made it clear why I was supposed to be here. Chaos had spread throughout and I had to fix it.

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