What do you think I am? A monster? The devil? A murderer? Just a person with bad luck? Well, I’m none of those. I’m not anything you’ve ever seen before. I’m just plain old May. I’m not a monster I dont thinkYou wont think so, once you know the truth.
I should explain what I am. Otherwise everything will just be riddles. We don’t really have a name. We have 100’s of names none of them right. We all choose different ways to live. The ways we choose each of those has a name. We’re part-human. No….we’re not. We aren’t even a little human. That’s just easiest for us in the world right now. We act human because that’s easy. We’re shape shifters. That’s the best name I have, but there’s more. Were-wolves, vampires, mermaids, ghosts, fairies. We’re always around. We’re everywhere.
We aren’t bad. We don’t kill…not normally. We just want to exist, but in the world today, we can’t exist. It’s not the way things work anymore.
We are the beginning. We are the end. We can adapt. We are everything. We are nothing.

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