How To Remember

I walked along the wall, dragging my thoughts along with my heavy feet.

My thoughts were clouded, and only one thing came through clearly. I was tortured with the images that sprung forth, vivid as the moment it happened.

I saw her, lying on the hospital bed. She was hardly moving. Her eyes seemed like the only part of her that were still alive, that still had her loving energy. They drifted from person to person, and even though they were seeing some of the last things they would ever see before they closed for the last time, through those eyes, I felt her smiling at me. She wouldn’t want me too be sad…

But I was anyway. I felt guilty, for being sad. I knew she would never want me to think that she was gone, forever.

I remembered something she told me, one day before she left on the last stretch to God.

“I’ll always be there for you, honeybun. I’ll always be there.”

And I’ll always remember you, Aunt Wendy…


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