Childhood Memories

We sat there, by the road. We looked at passing cars, sat there in friendship, with no need to say anything, because we knew.

We sat there, our umbrellas held low above our heads, each of us thinking about something else. The gloomy sky was filled with drifting clouds, and one single crow of a bird filled the sudden absence of noise on the road.

We sat there, smiling at secrets unshared, laughing at jokes untold. We sat some more, giggling at the silly rain drops hitting our umbrellas with their little plips and plops, and then racing down the edge to see who would reach the ground first. We splashed in the puddles, making little explosions of water and trying to make the biggest spray we could. The water tickled our noses, and when we stuck our tongues out, we could catch some of those silly raindrops that fell from the sky.

Finally, when our bright yellow galoshes were filled with water, and our shivers grew too large to ignore, we said goodbye, and walked our separate ways, smiling in the cold.

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