Main Street

The two women sat in the rain of the evening, waiting for a taxi to come by. Apparently they were from the city. The man felt sorry for them. They were ignorant to the ways of a little town in the Middle of Nowhere, Utah.

“Do you ladies need some assistance?” asked the man, just trying to help.

“No thank- you.” said the younger of the two, probably scared he was a serial killer or some crazy idea.
The idea wasn’t really that crazy after all. He was a farmer’s son who knew his way around town well, and was also, very, very good at persuading people. It was his talent, he might as well use it.

“Come on ladies. There is no taxi service here in Deweyville, Utah.. sorry to tell you. I’ll bet you this town has less than 300 people in it. I highly doubt you’ll see a taxi anywhere close to here.”

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