A Vegetarian Complication

Meanwhile, in Steakxas…

Liviel savagely gnawed at her veggie dog. She was getting antsy; the boss had promised her that the vegetarian regime would be in place within a week. That was over six months ago, and so far the closest they had come to a coup was buying out a hotdog stand. Though that had been fun, this was absolutely unacceptable. The meat-sucking scum, they must be destroyed…they MUST be destroyed…

“Livvy, dear, are you quivering again?â€? A lilting, slightly effeminate male voice piped up.

Liviel gave the speaker a dirty look. “Listen up, man, you told me I could take over! Have you forgotten that we’re doing all this for the Animals?â€?

The Voice chuckled. “Not to worry, not to worry. They will be here soon, and then we’ll have them. It’s all part of the plan.â€?

The Duke smiled privately to himself. “Yes, it’s all part of the plan.â€?

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