Consequences Of Drinking

I didn’t want to go back to his place, but I’d feel guilty bringing a child into this world and abandoning it.

Evolution says reproduce and fills us with lusts to make sure we do our bit to keep the species around. Some of us are better at keeping things in check, but me? Sometimes I get stupid. Meet a guy one night, see him a few times, and sometimes I lose control and….

But there’s a catch. Malthus is not our friend. One becomes two, two-four, four-eight. In a year it would just be us, starving. So our friend, evolution, sabotages us.

I used his key to get inside the condo and turned on a light. He was still on the couch, his head surrounded by a rusty brown halo. The clean rip in his throat still gaped open and his stiff, wide jaw was still bearded red with my blood. He’d probably stink by tomorrow afternoon even with the AC running. I tried not to take it personally; nine times out of ten it doesn’t take, and I hadn’t liked him that much in the first place.

I was stupid to think he could change.

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