Waiting for the Bus

She was very excited. She was practically hopping around in her purple shirt and shorts. With Dora the Explorer on her shirt, she ran from window to window.

“I hear my bus!” she exclaimed, as a plane flew by outside. To look out the windows she would stand on her tiptoes. Even though she had been to preschool many times before, she still was excited when the bus came to pick her up.

“I can’t see my bus.” she said.

“Maybe stand on the stairs?” I suggested

“Yeah!”, she shouted as she raced up the stairs. Well, only the first four steps. “Dad, sit next to me.”

I got out of the chair and walked over to her. As I sat down, she turned to the railing and said, “Oh no, we’re trapped.”, as she used the railing as a jail door.

We waited, sitting there on the stairs, being able to look out all four windows at one time. The bus arrived a few minutes later. She ran down the steps towards the door. Trying to open it by herself, until I unlocked it for her. She ran out of the house to the bus, while I watched her go.

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