Overactive Imagination

I didn’t know what to say. My imagination went into effect as I fantasized our conversation.

(Scene: Hayden hanging on the ledge of Mel’s window, and as he taps a few times she comes out wearing a tight, rose red cami with LOVE written across it in studs which made her look incredibley skinny, and shorts only barely covering her butt, which also wasn’t abnormally big. Her hair is shining beautifully in the moonlight as she stares down at Hayden, whose hair was thrown about in a certain way that’d make an ice cube melt on the spot.)

Hayden: Oh Mel, I dated Anna only to make you jealous! For you, my love burns with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns!
Mel: (hair whisps across her face as a slow wind picks up) Oh Hayden, I couldn’t! How am I to believe any of which you speak?
Hayden: (tear forms in eye) Mel, I must go, but I will remain in your heart, as will you in mine. Goodbye, my love!


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