Dear Diary Jenna

Dear Diary,

I am sooooo nervous! Today, Missy invited me to sit at her table (and she also said my blunt and boring eyes were fabulous), which is, by the way, the biggest, loudest, most important table in the cafeteria. Her friends gave her a weird look but she gave them a threatening look right back, and they suddenly became interested with the bread on their sandwhiches. To be nice, Missy asked me all these questions about me, like, if I like to shop, what color I usually painted my nails – questions I really didn’t have an answer to. Once her friends got tired of me, they brought up a subject every time Missy tried talking to me.

They went on for a little bit and I completely zoned out, thinking about going back into English, when Missy asked me if I wanted to come with her.


“Jenna,” she looked at the red head sitting across from me, “is throwing a sleepover bash, do you want to come with me?”

Jenna was staring daggers into me.

“Jwkms.” I mumbled.


And now I’m going.

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