The Resurrection of Liam O'Connor, Part 3

I cannot put down in this journal the components of the Raising Rituals. They are kept secret and fiercely guarded by those in my profession. I did, however, need more space than the small cabin could afford. So while I set about preparing an area in the woods, Charlotte took CherryPop, who was sound asleep, and tucked her gently on the sofa in the tiny living room. Only when she was sure the little widget was deep asleep did she put on some coffee. It would be hours before either of us would sleep.

Finally it was time to begin. Charlotte wanted to help me, but I refused. I was terrified of leaving CherryPop alone so I asked her to stay inside. This was going to be difficult enough. If a necromancer has doubts, or fears about raising someone, things can go… wrong. I’ve read accounts of this happening but I was arrogant enough to believe it wouldn’t happen to me. I’ve always been sure of my zombies.

Not this time. This time I knew that Liam would have to live with a deep regret. And I was the cause.

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