The Black Iris (part 17)

“What lovely flowers James.” Iris exclaimed, looking at the bouquet in his hand.

“Uh, oh yes, these are for you Iris.” James said handing the flowers over to her, still surprised by the wonderful meal she had prepared.

“You got up this early, just to pick flowers for me? Now why would you go and do a thing like that?” Iris asked smiling coyly.

“Oh, Iris…” James said, bowing his head slightly. His hair fell into his eyes almost in reaction to her question.

“I’m waiting, Mr. Thorn.” Iris said drawing her face nearer to his.

“Well…” James started to answer.

“Iris, James, come quickly!” Jeremiah Thorn shouted, busting into the kitchen. “We have a problem on our hands!”

“Father?” James said startled, as Iris backed up from him. “What on earth is wrong?” He asked, composing himself.

“Raleigh is at the front door James. He wants to speak with you.” Dr. Thorn answered.

“Who is Raleigh?” Iris asked James.

“Raleigh is my best friend.” James responded. “He’s the mayor’s son.”

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