Tempest (1980's Arcade Games Challenge)

“Oh gee, another wave.”, Captain Theurer muttered sarcastically. Swarms of the creatures were coming up towards him from the center of another wormhole.

A few days earlier, Earth’s Defender Squad had sent him to investigate a wormhole that had appeared near Titan. When he had reached it, he saw a swarm of strange creatures starting to come out of it.

The creatures were red and yellow. They appeared to crawl up the edges of the wormhole. Using his thrusters he had navigated around the edge, taking out as many as possible. When he finished battling this first wave, he got sucked down into the wormhole.

He could not pull himself out of the wormhole. At the end of the wormhole he found another. Again, more of the creatures started to rise out it.

By now, he had lost track of how many wormholes he had been through. He was firing and moving as fast as he could. He knew the button for the superzapper was nearby, in case he started to lose the battle.

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