this is just the beginning p.3

“What do you want??â€? She finally asked, her voice was crisp but soft, firm but sweet and it had this sing-song quality that made you want to listen to every word but hate yourself for doing so. The red eyes blinked once but no reply came, her black eyes seemed to be challenging his She didn’t move anything but her lips, she spoke in a foreign language. Suddenly the bushes moved, it seemed like they were recoiling into the ground as if hiding from her. In fact they did go back into the ground, revealing a teenage boy maybe 17, crouching close to the ground. Her black eyes glowed seeming to get darker yet brighter. The boy stood matching her height almost exactly, he was very handsome. He wore the tunic of a wealthy heir, he had light sandy brown hair and chiseled features maybe not as finely set as hers but very lovely.

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