The Ronco Genre Blender (125th Ficlet Challenge)

Since I missed sending out a challenge for my 50th ficlet, I’ll make up for it by sending one for my 125th.

The concept is simple. Well, it can be. Or it can be decidedly complex, if you choose.

Take a movie, TV show, book, whatever, and using the premise of it, change it’s genre. For example:

Knight Rider: comedy
Hallowe’en: chick flick
(insert Harlequin Romance title here): wuxia
Barney: horror (sorry, already been done)

I know just how creative the community on this site is, so I’m really excited to see what you all can come up with!

Go at it! And have fun with it!

I’ll pick a winner (appropriately enough, I think) on April 1st.

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