Turn About Is Fair Play

“Hey! Jock!”

Oh, no, he thought. They saw me.

“Uh… Yeah?” he said without turning around.

“Where ya going, football boy?” He looked up. His worst fear – the gaming club. “Going to play some football?”

“Oh, oh!” one of them shouted. “Mommy, mommy! Can I pway some feetsball wif my fwiends?” They all laughed.

He started to walk away, but the stopped him. “What’s wrong, muscle-man? To wimpy to roll some dice, huh? Hey! I’m talking to you, you paramecium!”

“Stop it!” They all turned. He looked up and saw Jenny, their dungeon master, walking up. “Leave him alone!” she shouted.

“Jenny! We were just having some fun with him. Just playing, right?”

“I saw your ‘playing’. 200,000 XP deduction for all of you!”

“WHAT?! That’s no fair!” They all started complaining.

“Enough!” Jenny yelled. “One more word, and you’re all out of the party, got me?” They grumbled, but turned and left.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, thanks.” He smiled, shyly.

“You’re Lance, right?” He nodded. “Come on, Lance. Walk me home?”

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