Let's Ride!

We were just playing the last notes of the song, when Kevin and Joe burst into the bus. Kevin noticed that Emily was playing his guitar, but he didn’t complain about it. Instead he looked excited about something.
“Wes, we have a surprise for you!” he cried.
“What?” I was surprised.
“Oh yeah!” Nick and Emily cried at the same time.
“I forgot. Close your eyes!” Nick added. I got up and closed my eyes.
Joe and Kevin took my hands and led me out of the bus.
“Open your eyes.” Joe said.
I did and it took me a moment to register what I was seeing. “Oh my God. My car!”
It was positively beautiful! It looked brand new. They painted it bright green with a white streak down the side that said “Wesleyz Ride ”.
“Do you like it?” Emily wanted to know.
“It’s perfect!” I cried. “Thank you so much!” I hugged each of them.
Kevin tossed me the keys. “Let’s go for a ride!”
“O.K!” I opened the door and climbed in.
“I call shotgun!” Joe cried, literally sliding across the hood.
We all rolled our eyes.

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