The Highlander Reality TV style (Ronco Genre Blender Challenge)

“Fire is the symbol of life at tribal council,” Jeff Probst explains to the nervous combatants.

“If your fire’s been extinguished, you have just 24 hours to live, unless you behead another combatant in that time. We have 18 combatants, each of which was crowned The Highlander on his or her season. Welcome to Highlander All-Stars: Season 19. There can only be one Highlander.”

“I wish I had never volunteered to be a Highlander,” Jason, 27, a former shop teacher admits to the camera. “I thought it was just reality TV. I didn’t realize it was hyper-reality TV.”

Marcus, 42, a pimp, smiles devilishly, “On season 2, I lost 15 marks. I had to kill 5 myself. If I even make it off this island, I’ll go back to prison to serve consecutive life sentences. What ever happened to awarding the winner with a million dollars?”

Several grim images flash across the screen.

Probst returns. “Two torches have been extinguished. Jason, Marcus. You have 24 hours to live. There can only be one Highlander. Who will survive?”

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