How Stella Got the Undead to ... Well, Go Back to Being Dead [Genre Blender Challenge]

“I said, I need more bullets!”

“Calm down, Stella. I have a gun, too, you know. Here are some more bullets.”

Stella stepped over one of her most recent victims and addressed Delilah as she reloaded her gun.

“They don’t call me Stella Payne for nothin’, girl. These zombies are about to learn some serious pain! But first we need to find Winston.”

Stella marched purposely towards his favorite beef patty stand where she knew he would be hiding. The coward. Should’ve known better than to date a man young enough to be her son.

She found him cowering behind the counter, the remains of patties strewn on the floor around him.

“Winston Shakespeare! Get out of there! You should be protecting us, not sitting here cramming beef patties in your mouth!”

Winston complied, albeit a little shakily. “A-Are they gone?”

Delilah looked around for any leftover patties and said, “Yeah they’re gone. For now.”

Stella pushed them both outside. “Let’s go. If we’re going to survive, we need to find a way off this island.”

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