It's Dull, Anyway.

“Will you relax?”

“Around you? Are you crazy?”

“Just a bit, why?”

“My point exactly.”

“So?” The young woman hummed whimsically, playing with a dagger as if it were a plastic butterknife. Her slender hands went past the handle and pressed against the blade. Nothing.

“It’s dull, anyway,” she said. Her voice was almost buttery, like it was made for singing. She moved her strawberry blond hair behind her ear, exposing a grey-blue eye to match the other one.

“You’re still armed,” the sixteen year old replied. His golden tiger eyes looked around, trying to see if there was anything for him to arm himself with. His striped ears perked up as he reached out and grabbed a broken beer bottle. The woman’s eyes grew to the size of dinnerplates.

“You’re not gonna use that, are you?” She asked timidly.

“Only if you use yours,” he responded. She relaxed.

“I wasn’t even planning to use mine,” she told him. The boy’s striped tail swished happily.

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