High Five

Riding in Wes’ car with the Jonas Brothers was amazing. Wes let Kevin drive it. He drove really fast, and we all got a little scared. But, it was worth it. I was so happy Wes liked her new car. Joe had told me that they were planning on fixing it up, and to keep it a secret. But, I didn’t know it was going to turn out this great!

When we got back to the hotel, Nick told his brothers about the song we had written. “You gotta hear it,” he said to them, “It sounds really great.”

Kevin laughed, “So that’s why you were playing my guitar.”

“Let’s hear it,” said Joe.

Once both boys had heard For A Reson, they both seemed amazed. “That was awesome!” yelled Joe, “Dude, high five!”

“Whoa, that was like…wow! It sounded like a professional band.”

“I think that’s because of your brother,” I told Joe and Kevin.

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