S.O.S This Is An Emergency!

“So what gave you the idea for the song?” Kevin asked.
“Well, you know, everything happens for a reason. What happened to me, meeting you guys, the robbery in the store.” I shrugged.
“Yeah, I-” The T.V turned on because Joe had sat on the remote.
“Oh whoops!” He reached over to turn it back off.
“Wait!” I cried and he stopped.
The news was on. It was a report about my performance at the Walton Concert Hall. They showed Brian and Jake dropping me. I felt all the color drain out of my face.
Joe fumbled with the remote control and turned off the T.V.
“Wes, don’t worry about it.” Nick said quietly.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I said, looking at the floor.
“Hey! Let’s go do something. Go to Starbucks in your car!” Emily suggested.
“Sure.” We all went back out to the car and headed drove to Starbucks. I forgot my hat.
“When we walked in we were attacked by a crowd of people. Not a crowd of Jonas Brothers fans, but a crowd of people that had seen me fall.
I wanted to die.

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