It was a cold and stormy night. The blazzing blizzard keep us all awake. It was just my friend Pat, and me. We were in thr basement just talking. Then…... The power went out, just like that. We didn’t know what happend.

“I’m scaried.” I said.
“There’s nothing down here.” Pat replied
Then a loud crash came, it was from upstairs. Then all we heard was the wreched sound of a chain saw!! The power came back up, and in front of us we saw a bloody guy holding two heads. It was the head of my brother, and sister. Then he rushed at Pat. Before he could do anything, WAM he took his head off too.

All i saw was his body laying there, his guts and blood came squrting out! I ran for my life! He was chasing me, he was caching up fast. Then i saw the closet door, before i could think I ran and opened the door. As fast as i could i jumped in and locked it. All I heard was the chain saw rustling on the other side.

“Come out and die.” he yelled
I was too scaried to do anything. I just lay there and hoped for the best.

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