Not Yet (Utopia challenge)

“It’ll be a place where everyone gets a fair say. Where people live in perfect harmony with their environment. Where every last molecule is respected and revered.”

“Even the germs?” He asked, a smirk upon his face.

“Yes. They live too, do they not?”

“Yes. Go on.”

“Everyone will give every bit as much as they take. They’ll all look after each other, because people will understand the interconnectivity of everything. People will be complete. They won’t become addicted to anything – even another’s energy. People will learn to gather energy from the universe, and to produce it from within. No one will rob it from another, and no couple shall be addicted to the completeness they feel because every single person will be complete.”

“Hannah, hun…it sounds great…”

“Doesn’t it?”


She rolled her eyes. “There’s always a but…”

“It’s not real.”

“No. It isn’t. The world’s not ready for something like that. At least…not yet.”

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