Virginal Chilli Dogs

A fine starry night, Lionel pondered, enjoying the moonlight over the hundreds of little farmsteads below.

Many of them held virgins, he was sure.

Tasty virgins, no doubt, ones to cure his stomach of the ulcers of his last few years. Why hadn’t he flown this way before?

As he thought this he felt a peculiar ‘ping’ in his stomach, felt somehow freer.


“Well, damn,” Cindy said, standing up and rubbing her head. “What the Hell was that?”

She stopped to check the Gastronaut Symbiotic Dragonhome crystal, and felt suddenly rather pale.

When she’d studied this gem a few years back she vaguely recalled its creator had one day vanished, simply never to return.

Could it be?

She checked the stomach gauges. They’d changed, by themselves, to read 30% virgin and 70% Chili dog.

She swallowed, drily. The Dragonhome was failing, if she remained inside too long she’d be digested.


Lionel thought about virgins and chilli dogs.

“I wonder if you can get virginal chill dogs?” he said.

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