Rampage! (1980's Arcade Games Challenge)


“This is news announcer Tim Gaffins reporting live from Tokyo!”


“We’re here with you from the city streets watching a giant lizard completely decimating the city’s buildings and roads!”


“Thousands of soldiers, militia, firefighters, policemen, and brave citizens are helping in the fight against this monster!”


“There is pandemonium everywhere! I can’t believe all the shouting, gunshots, sirens, alarms! It’s just, amazing!”


“We’re getting closer now! We are only two blocks away form the rampaging beast! It appears to be swatting helicopters out of the sky!”


“Oh my! It just jumped down, and a whole block of buildings collapsed behind it! Now the monster is only one block away!”


“It appears to be growing stronger the madder it gets! There appears to be no way to stop it! It’s coming closer!”


“Oh shit! It’s standing right above me! I can almost smell its…”


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