Blue Meander: Test of Courage

“The test of courage.” The Captain said. “You must retreive the golden ring from the top of the Crow’s Nest pole.”
I felt my face go pale. “I can’t-”
Captain Corbluff’s face grew hard. “If you can’t then-”
“She can!” the Crew shouted.
“Then if she can. She must prove it.”
I could see the Captain and the Crew would brook no refusal.
“I can’t do it in this.” I said, frowning at the ridiculous dress I was wearing. “It isn’t going to happen.”
“Bring the lady some trousers!” the Captain bellowed.
The Crew stood there, a bit horrified at the thought of me in trousers.
“Move!” the Captain bellowed.
The crew scattered off in search of something that would fit me. They brought back a pair of trousers and handed them to me.
They were two sizes too big!
“You can’t possibly be serious!” I cried. Those things would fall down around my knees.
“It’s all we have.” one of the crew said.
“Nevermind.”I sighed, stripping down to my petticoats and stockings. I hadn’t been modest in Fleming, no need to start now.

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