Scary Story II

The buzz saw wielding maniac yelled, “Get out of the closet, boy,â€? in a scary deep voice.
I was prettified. I curled up in a ball and hoped that through my silence he would think I was not in the closet and go look for me in the basement or out in the yard, anywhere far enough for me to escape.
Then I heard it, the sound that sent chills up and down my spine.
bzzzzchca bzzzchca… the buzz saw sawing through the closet door, just inches from me.
I was in a panic, worse then when I saw the bloody fiend holding the heads of my brother and sister.
And after what he did to my friend Pat, I knew it was the end for me.
The door crashed in on me with a thud, he stood before me, chainsaw held high above his head, a look on his grim face told me I was a goner.
Thinking quickly, I grabbed a hold of the nearest object in the closet, a bowling ball, which I hoisted up and I aimed for his head.. direct hit.. strike.. down for the count.
I picked up the chainsaw, turned it off and escaped with my life.

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