Moving On (Guardians, Ep. 22)

The cage, unlike it’s creators, lasted a little longer against my fury. Then it too flared, like a death rattle, and died.

Pater stood, nodding sadly at the charred remains of our enemies.

“To those who gain the ultimate power is also the temptation of ultimate evil.”

I recognized the words, the starting cantrip of the oath we all swore on becoming the creatures, the Guardians that we are.

“We need to move on,” I said briskly. “With the others gone Ziliea is now free to do as she wishes. I fear she hasn’t yet finished with Xanadu’s destruction.”

“A wise suggestion,” Pater agreed. “Take the point,” he touched Sylvia’s arm lightly waking her from some distance shock. “Follow Martin, I’ll travel behind to offer protection from ambush.”

“Yes, yes of course.” Sylvia stammered. Her element was fire and it empathized with the cooling magma. Slivers of flame danced around her fingers, caressing her hands.

“Let’s move,” I stalked ahead. I had to get to Ziliea soon, before Sylvia lost control.

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