...and Loose Change

Yet we both knew that wasn’t so.

Death chased us.

In spite of the warmth a shiver tremored through me. Jake had taken this precarious route as a final resort. A slim chance that the creatures who hunted us would get confused, lost within the twists and turns.

The car shook, hitting a ramp, and woke me for a moment. Jake glanced at me, smiled and put a comforting hand on my knee.

I closed my eyes.

It didn’t matter what evil was behind us, or what unknowns lie ahead. I knew, with Jake beside me, I’d never feel alone.

It was a few hours later when we finally emerged from the spaghetti tube freeways, judging by the heat I’d say we were around Texas, or New Mexico.

It was dawn.

Finding an abandoned Motel Jake pulled around the back hiding the car as best he could, then opened the door, letting the stifling heat in.

“We need to sleep and eat,” he said. Stretching in the dusty air. “This is as good a place as any.”

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