“Bite me!” I called back.
Kirsty slammed the door and Macy was still clinging to me. I could practically feel the icy chill coming from her mom. I stepped back and introduced myself to her, throwing an official copyrighted Garret smile that was adorable. I’ve been practicing the smile since I was five and I have it down to a science.
“Well, uh…I gotta go.” I said, shaking Macy’s mom’s hnad one last time. “Nice meeting you. Seeya Macy.”
I turned to Macy stole a quick kiss and was out the door. I got into my car and I turned the key.
I’m gonna stay at Nat and Mike’s place for a while.
I drove about ten feet, and stopped. I was there. Nate and Mike are Macy’s neighbors.
I went up and knocked on the door. The guys’ mom answered.
“Hi Mrs. Blizzard.” I smiled. “Nat or Mike there?”
She let me in and Nate was sitting at the kitchen table.
“Mike is in our room with Candice.” Nate said, greeting me.

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