The Posse

I climbed out of the overturned stagecoach and saw a posse of four or five men on horses galloping in our direction. Tanya stood facing them a look of pure rage on her face. “Friends of yours, Wren Jessup?” she hissed.
I didn’t answer her, I had no desire to be shot.
Tanya just stood there, waiting.
“Areya crazy woman?” I demanded. “Whatareya waitin’ for?!
Tanya turned around and slappped me so hard I fell in the dirt. Then she turned around and kept waiting.
When they were almost upon us she took one shot. It hit the first guy in the middle of his chest and knocked him off his horse. The posse must have stopped shooting cause they didn’t think Tanya was a threat. Now they knew better and shot at her with renewed fervor.
She didn’t move. Her next shot took another guy in the face. The next got it in the shoulder. The other two musta gotten spooked, cause they turned tail and headed in the other direction.
When she turned, I realized that Tanya had been hit. I don’t know how she took it without moving.

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