Because We're Mutants: Liftoff

The motorboat coursed down the underground river as fast as Derrick could make it. They could hear the sounds of things crashing and breaking through the metal walls. They reached the end of the river where there was a metal wall. Derrick tossed them some mouth breathers and pressed a few keys on the boat before diving over the side. They put on their mouth breathers and followed him.
When we arrived at the bottom we swam through a door and arrived in a room. Derrick pressed another button by the side door and took off down a corridor. They swam after him. A door closed behind them and all the water drained out of the room.
“Come on!” Derrick cried, running down yet another corridor.
This all seems a bit complicated for a fast escape.
When they reached their destination, it took Quasar a moment to comprehend where they were.
“It’s an aircraft hangar!” he cried.
“Yes, it is.” said Derrick boarding the only jet in the hangar. When they were inside they were greeted by other mutants.

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