Four lessons

“Please, sit here,” said the government man.
“What for?” the old woman asked.
“We’ve gotten more reports.”
“Telling the truth again, was I?”
“That was not the truth. Croatia is not a nation, and this-”
“Does not exist.”
“I was young, but definitely there.”
“Let’s say that’s true-”
“Yes let’s. I’ll be going.”
“I’m afraid not. Even if true, it would still lead people into believing lies.”
“The truth?”
“We’ve spoken about this before.”
“We have. You never learn.”
“I see. I have some good news. Because of your past service, we have secured you a room at a patriot’s home.”
“Past service?”
“The sacrifice involving your father and your famous patriot cousin.”
“Biggest mistake of my life.”
“Is that what learned from it?”
“I learned other things. Four, actually.”
“Please enlighten me.”
“More to charge me with? OK. One, my cousin is an idiot. Two, my father was a patriot. Three, an idiot cousin is no substitute for a patriot father.”
“And four?”
“How to smuggle explosives into a building undetected.”

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