Lyric Stuffer (It's Pathetic, I know)

Let’s Groove.” he says.
“Never say that again.” I say.
“Come on. Do you love me?
What’s love got to do with it?” I ask him.
“Don’t play Games with me.” he smiles.
“We’re at a party and you’re telling me to stop playin games?”
“No. I’m telling you that, you can’t stop the beat. Now, Let’s dance!
I don’t dance.
“Fine, then.” he says dissapointed.
“Let’s go, then.”
We leave the party, and proceed to be bored.
“What now?” I ask.
He shrugs, sitting on the dock of the bay. “We could go to Australia.
“You know what, Let’s talk about love.” I sit down next to him.
“What about it?” he looks me in the eyes curiously.
“I love you.”

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