Time - Forwards or Backwards?

It gets the best of us. It waits for no man, or woman. We notice when there is too much of it, and are saddened by its passing, realizing we never really had enough. We journey forward, all along we are walking beside it, and yet, never really see it. We never understand it, it just is, and yet it defines our existence, or at least the way we experience it.
Yet, I think its a blessing, to be always going forward. I could not imagine walking backwards along through life, experiencing life in constant rewind, losing our experiences, our wisdom as we live. And yet, sadly that is some peoples reality. Alzheimer’s, is much like this; the slow erosion of who you have become, by slowly erasing all that you know. That knitting stitch you learned yesterday, that funeral of your brother that left you crippled with grief, that song that you fell in love to; all gone. From diapers you came, and from diapers you will return. This journey ends at the beginning.
I wonder, could that be hell?

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