My thoughts (Utopia Challenge)

Many stories talk about finding utopia in the afterlife. Depending on the story most times they tell of finding Paradise, or in other words Utopia. I personally don’t see these stories as proof of it’s physical existence but I do believe we possess utopia, just not the way most people would dream.

I feel that the true essence of utopia is all in our consciousness. Even now I utilize many idea’s and dreams of men and women that wished to create ease and comfort for the world. These minds have created the foundations of not only our current state of technology but of our civilization as a whole.

Most people would disagree that the world possesses any fragments of the ideal utopia. The only thing that prevents the world from seeing utopia in it’s entirety is the very essence of man, individuality. This alone creates chaos as people have different views and goals in life, eventually leading to conflict. Since perspectives are subjective so is utopia, making it an unfortunate impossibility, physically.

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