A Gem of a Girl

Ah, sir, welcome to my humble stall. What interests you? Men, women? Boys? Girls? Or…ah, exotics! I have the finest selection in all of—oh, the catseye! You have an eye for quality. Please, take a closer look. Would you care to use this glass?

Yes, it was a spell of my own devising. I took an ordinary girl—a pretty enough girl, to be sure, but no particularly special qualities—and put her through a transformation as I bound her into the gem. As you can see, she has taken on a decidedly feline appearance—the ears, the tail, the silky fur…

All you will need do is hold the gem and wish her out of it, and there she will be. She will be inclined to be feisty, of course, but the bindings will keep her obedient. When you have finished, wish her in again. Or you can wish yourself in and back out; as with all my gems, her boudoir is very well-furnished.

Ah, you wish to purchase? Excellent! I’m sure we can come to an agreement on the price.

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