The Name's Kya - Part Three

Bits of paper fluttered out of Kya’s hand as she approached a door at the end of a dark alleyway.
“Good-bye directions, hello cheerful…” Kya muttered sarcastically under her breath. She walked toward the metal door and tugged on the handle. It yielded easily, with only a soft squeaking noise.
A man cloaked in white stood in the center of the bare and metal room.
“Professor H.B.?” Kya asked loudly.
“Hush up!” Professor H.B. retorted sharply, “We don’t want anyone to hear about this.”
The professor paced back and forth, “This is a top secret mission.”
Kya pulled out a small notepad.
“Okay, I’m listening.”
“Some one is trying to inject a drug into the world’s population claiming to vaccinate them of all diseases, but instead reduces their IQ until they turn into, well, mentally retarded.”
“Which causes…?”
“Well, they will manipulate the intelligent deprived humans into doing what ever they wish, therefore, taking over the world.”
“Well, that’s pretty grim,” Kya mused.

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