Mailroom Confessions (A New Life)

“The truth is,” at least the truth I had to make Vincent believe, “I wanted to show it to Paulo because I think it proves that someone here is smuggling in secret messages.”

“Really, what makes you think that?”

“The letter,” I lied.

Vincent looked puzzled. He tapped impatiently on the desk. Then something shifted. He seemed to be sizing me up, calculating the odds, wondering if it was worth the risk.

“Okay, you’re new enough. Maybe you haven’t been fully brainwashed,” Vincent said, resolutely. “I’m going to tell you something, but you have to promise me you won’t tell anyone. That letter was meant for me. I’m here for a reason.”

“We all are,” I shot back, shocked that the words were coming out of my mouth. “We’re better than everyone else. We’re smarter than everyone else. We -“

“Look, snap out of it!” He slapped me. “This is a cult. I’m here to take it down! Will you help me?”

This was exactly what I needed. The question was is he an ally or just the pawn that will get me closer to my goal?

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