Bad Girls Go All The Way

Emma wasn’t sure how this had happened—Chet hadn’t pulled the one part out of her for long enough to stick any other parts in—but there he was, sinking deeper into her. And it felt—amazing. In fact, when she thought about it, if the size of what you stuck in mattered, then Chet was the “biggest” she’d ever had. She gripped him around the arms just below the shoulder, and lifted his chest away from her so she could push him further in.

It felt—amazing. He was really getting her juices flowing. She pulled him deeper in, thrusting herself upward as he went deeper…deeper…

Chet’s unfocused eyes cleared as his waist slipped past her hips. “Wha…what’s happening?” He squirmed, but that only pushed him in faster.

“Is that Chet?” Julie said from inside her. “Oh, it is! I’ll get his ankles!” She giggled, and suddenly Chet was pulled deeper into Emma, from the inside. In just a few moments, he’d vanished completely.

“Hey, wait!” Emma protested. “I haven’t gotten off yet!”

Julie giggled. “You snooze, you lose!”

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