Golden Song

“It’s my mind—don’t I have a right to know?” I asked tartly.

Ligeia took a moment. Something really bad happened, and you blocked the whole thing off. You’ll get it back when you’re ready.

I thought about that. “If it’s that bad, I guess I can live without it.”

Attagirl. More rummaging. The block goes all the way back. But I think I can work around it—make it cover just a few years, so you have all your memories before and after. There was a mental wrenching sensation. There.

“I don’t remember anything more,” I said.

It’ll come. It’ll just take some time. I had a brief image of Ligeia dusting off her hands. Now…time for you to let me out.

“Uh…” I blinked. “How do I do that?”

I’ll help you. Like THIS .

My mouth and throat locked open—like when you throw up. But instead of vomit, what emerged was song. A melody, a harmony…a thousand voices singing at once. The song hung thick in the air, like something physical, and then it coalesced—into Ligeia.

“I’m back. Did you miss me?”

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