Erm, can't think of a title right now...

He wandered in the dark, constantly stumbling over roots and God-knows-what. There were mysterious noises surrounding him, weaving between the giant, gaunt trees. Finally, he collapsed. What am I doing here?
He broke down and the tears streamed from his eyes and stained his perfectly ironed white shirt.
Then he heard a voice. It sounded like a little girl, scared and alone, just like he was.
“Aw yoo wost too?” she asked. He searched for the source, unable to see anything in the misty darkness.
“Wh-who are you?” His voice trembled, reverberating through the forest. Suddenly, whispers echoed, filling his ears with their secrets. “Leave me alone!” he screamed and ran blindly, attempting to get the voices away from him. But something blocked his way: a translucent, glowing little girl.

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