A Croatian Man Who's Too Close for Comfort.

It’s day time now, and our friends have just woken up. What they find surprises them.
“What happened to the camp?”
Well how odd. All the tents and everything have just disappeared.
“Where’s Jade?” asks Sir Gavin. They hear Sir Damien call from a distance.
“Guys, come over here. Like, NOW !
They rush over and find a random man sitting by Sir Damien on the grass. Sir Damien appears to be very uncomfortable. The man is very close and has his arm wrapped around Sir Damien’s waist and is leaning his head on Sir Damien’s shoulder.
“Gee, Sir Damien,” says Quinn. “Are we getting somewhere?”
“Help me!” he pleads.
“Excuse me, sir,” Abella asks the strange man. “Who are you?”
“Drago mi je. Zovem se Norf.”
“What the heck!?”
“It’s Croatian!”
They all stare at Sir Sebastian.
“Yeah, I don’t know Croatian myself, but I think he said his name’s Norf?”
“Da!” the man replies.
“Wow. You learn something new everyday.”
“Is this the guy we’re supposed to take with us?” Sir Damien asks.
“I think so.”
“Oh great!”

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