I cursed under my breath after he pulled me into the bush. I now had several minor scratches on my arm, but I didn’t hurt too bad. I waited for the entire population of the town(I had counted and figured out which town it was) to bottleneck out of their place and into the forest, headed to search for Joshua. Not me, nobody knows about me.

After they had passed, I stood up, only to collapse with a searing pain in my leg. I lifted part of my dress to reveal a nasty gash in my lower leg. Joshua looked at me, concerned, but I covered it before he found out.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Y..yeah. I just got up too fast. Help?” He grabbed my arm and yanked me up, letting me stand and figure out how to walk with this. I limped along, Josh giving me weird looks.

“You sure you’re—”

I’m fine,” I hissed. “My foot’s just asleep.” I struggled to keep my balance as I walked, just barely succeeding. I was glad my dress was long; the bleeding was yet to stop.

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